Identifying and choosing the best e-commerce platform is not as easy as it sounds. With so many factors to consider and a lot of options to go through, you need time and detailed knowledge of what to look at. To help you with that, we have compared the four most popular e-commerce website platforms around and have mentioned some of the main benefits and limitations each of the options have.

What is an e-commerce platform and why should you have one?

An e-commerce platform is a well-designed software that allows you to develop an online store and run a business online on it. Such a platform gives you the required tools to not only create but also manage your site on a day to day basis.

Why should you use an e-commerce platform?

In the past, if you needed an online retail outlet, you had no option but to build all the functionalities on your own. Much later, options like shopping carts came along and offered little reprieve since you still had to integrate them into your website. Fast forward to today where we have different plugins in place which allow you to get everything in place quickly and start running your site immediately. Other advantages include affordability and easy to operate, i.e., with an e-commerce platform, one solution fits all.

Two best e-commerce platform options


Shopify is typically one of the most preferred platforms in the e-commerce sphere. It is a fully features hosting solution that provides reliable services to thousands of users each day. The platforms interphase is super easy to use and quick to set-up. All that’s required is the provision of your details, i.e., your email address before you start building your shop and start selling right away. Needless to say, with Shopify, you do not have to be a coding guru to operate necessarily. Also, the fact that the platform offers different pricing tiers with additional features can work for you in that with as little as $29; you can secure space and use it to set up your online store.


BigCommerce provides a great hosted e-commerce solution for both start-ups and already established brands that only need to upgrade what they already have in place. Based on its ease of use and pocket-friendly price options, BigCommerce is considered by many to be in the same league as Shopify, and the two of them are usually mentioned in the same breath. BigEcommerce platform usually offers a large number of tools and features which are flexible and easy to use.